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Re: yeah whats up with rob thomas trying to look like liam gallagher.... LIZ

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Posted By lori On Mon, Jul 30th At 8:21 AM
In Reply To: Re: yeah whats up with rob thomas trying to look like liam gallagher Posted By Liz On Fri, Jul 27th At 4:25 PM
>>>>the point is is that rpb thomas likes oasis,
>>>>he has grown his hair long. liam gallagher is
>>>>a fantastic frontman, problay the best one in
>>>>england, and rob thomas is the best front man
>>>> in america.
>>>>and...robbie from the goo goo dolls couldnt
>>>> >>>>>>sing >if his life depended on it.

>>>I don't agree with ya on the Robby thing from
>>>Goo Goo Dolls. Sorry I have all 7 Cd's and
>>>think their music is great!! Robby is a little
>>>different, maybe if you picked up one of their
>>>cd's and listen you might like it. I love MB20
>>>but if you are a Goo Goo Doll fan you know
>>>they are very dedicated to their fans and the
>>>town >of Buffalo, which is >>>where they
>>> are >>from.

>>i hate the word buffalo.

>Sorry, but who asked you anyway.

it doesn't matter if anyone asked me, if i want to
say something i'm gonna say it. so don't ask me
who asked me because no one did. don't have an
attitude because if u do then get out of here
because u suck and we don't want u.


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