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You must pay...

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Posted By Orange squeeze On Thu, May 20th At 4:26 PM
In Reply To: ice cubes... Posted By Chilly On Thu, May 20th At 3:52 PM
>>I love the feel of Hot Chilly on my tongue and
>> on my lips!!
>>Yummy, yum, yum!!!

>I wonder how an orange popsicle would feel
>sliding over my warmth...the thought of your
>tongue and lips on my warmth and wetness makes
> my head spin..
>I have been soooo bad, why are you turning me
> >over onto my stomach? LOL...

You must feel the wrath of your Squeeze as he rips
those panties off your ass and attacks your
pretty ass with slaps a plenty!! Your ass looks
good RED!!! I do like those white hand prints
that appear for a second...then disappear...Why
are you crying, my friend? Aren't you having

  • Hot Chilly!! - your squeeze Wed, May 19th At 3:41 PM (2)
    • ice cubes... - Chilly Thu, May 20th At 3:52 PM (1)
      • You must pay... - Orange squeeze Thu, May 20th At 4:26 PM (0)

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