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Posted By Field Marshall On Fri, Mar 12th At 9:48 PM
In Reply To: Wet toy... Posted By Nazi Girl On Fri, Mar 12th At 9:35 PM
>>>>>>>>You look quite stunning in that black
>>>>>>>>outfit! What will the other officers do
>>>>>>>>when we walk into the ball? Do they dare
>>>>>>>>stare at a Field Marshall's date?! I have
>>>>>>>>the power to send them to the Russian
>>>>>>>> front. Surely they shall know this fact.
>>>>>>>>Would you like me to bring some vodka in
>>>>>>>>my field jacket for the ride up to the
>>>>>>>>castle? Shall we have the driver drop us
>>>>>>>>off at the overlook and view the
>>>>>>>> breathtaking scene below?
>>>>>>>>Der Fuehrer, Adolf himself, is looking
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>forward >>>>to meeting
>>>>>>>> you!

>>>>>>>Would you like to run your hands over my
>>>>>>>black cotton dress Field Marshall? You'd
>>>>>>>grasp my bottom tightly as you suck on my
>>>>>>>white pearl earrings, running your lips
>>>>>>>hard down the side of my neck, stopping to
>>>>>>>make my collarbones dance under your
>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>take >>>my breath
>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>away...

>>>>>>The energy of your kisses excites me
>>>>>>greatly! Your collarbones are so
>>>>>>perfect...I shall nibble on them as my
>>>>>>hands slide under your pretty black cotton
>>>>>>dress. I know the lacy black bra and
>>>>>>panties you must be wearing just for this
>>>>>>occasion. How nice! The war can wait! >We
>>>>>>have more important business >>>>to
>>>>>> >>>>>>>>attend to!

>>>>>You've worked my panties down and I've taken
>>>>>them off and put them in the breast pocket
>>>>>of your coat...we dance closer and you slide
>>>>>your fingers deep inside of tongue
>>>>>slides deep inside your mouth as your
>>>>> >>>>fingers >>>work >their >>>>>magic.

>>>>is ready to fire! You are warm, wet, and
>>>>wilder than a parachute drop behind enemy
>>>>lines. I shall enjoy making love with you
>>>>tonight! I suck hard upon your neck and rip
>>>>that pretty >black dress off your lovely
>>>> >>>body!

>>>You push your scandinavian spy down onto your
>>>bed and slide your tongue into her warmth and
>>> wetness.
>>>Stopping for just a second to remove your pants
>>>and shirt you turn your lover over onto her
>>>stomach and you take her from behind...sinking
>>>your teeth into the back of her neck you ride
>>>your beautiful lover like >>>your prized
>>> race >horse...

>>Her moans are loud and energetic as she enjoys
>>the assignment much more than she should!! What
>>would her people say back in Sweden? Their
>>thrusting is undulating as they both >>gasp
>> for >air!!!

>You move onto your knees and take me onto your
>lap, my back is pressed tightly against your
>chest and you are embedded deep inside me...I
>reach back and run my fingers tightly into your
>hair, your hands are on my breasts squeezing
>tightly and causing me to moan as you work your
>fingers back into my warmth and
> >want me again.

I am probing into your womanhood and you are
enjoying it, my spy girl! Yes, I suspect you, but
you are far to much fun to let go...especially on
nights like these! My V-2 rocket is about to
detonate on your sandy beach...

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