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Posted By warrior On Fri, Oct 13th At 8:32 PM
You make some good chronological analysis of these
two gutiar players,but actually Eric has
stated many times that " the real change in
music is that Hendrix had arrived on the
scene."Addittionally, there is no way
sombody could actually teach a rythym guitar
player to lead like that-that fast! You ever
here "no such animal" by jimi in 1965? in new
york? what did Chas do at Woodstock
when Jimi nearly shreaded the strings off his ax
on the solo's after purple haze-did Chas show him
that stuff-He had to get rid of Noel and
Chas to open up his vocabulary and progress.
I like Noel alot but he wanted to stay simple
and play it safe and Jimi and Mitch wanted to
explore and progress their music; that is why he
started jamming with Miles Davis and
Mcloughlin and Larry C.

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