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Posted By Words Of Wisdom On Thu, Aug 9th At 6:47 AM
Potttus, what are you so angry about? What's the
deal anyway? Are you that worried about Clapton's
reputation that you feel it necessary to lash out
like a victim? If you don't like Jimi, just don't
listen to him, it's really that simple. Anyway, I
sincerely hope that you'll find happiness someday
without your keyboard. What an idea! Then maybe
you won't find it necessary to slag off a
guitarist that you supposedly don't care for. But
I know you dig Jimi too, only true Jimi fans know
Jimi in such intimate detail, give or take a few
of your twisted so-called facts. (ie.. Noel
played a hollow body rhythm guitar on AYE's
version of Red House) How would you know that
Noel played a guitar on that track? Hmmmm.. I
thought that you didn't like Jimi? Let me guess,
your friend told you about it? No wait! You
didn't purchase that Hendrix biography, you just
read it in the store right? Yeah, that's the
ticket! :)

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