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LESSON FOR POTTTUS (Why Eric was too scared to show up at Monterey)

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Posted By Words Of Wisdom On Thu, Aug 2nd At 5:59 PM
Eric's excuse for not showing up at Monterey is as
follows, "our manager(the Cream), thought that we
would lose our market value, but I really
would've loved to of seen him play, he did that
sacrifice thing for the audience". Proof once
again that Eric was infatuated with the legend
that is Jimi Hendrix. Of course you must of
realized (as Eric did) that Jimi would've given
Eric a lesson or two in the art of playing
guitar, just like Jimi did to Pete Townsend. I
don't have to remind you about the London
Polytechnic gig again, do I? I didn't think so.
So you see, Eric and his manager were indeed
scared to show up at Monterey, or they wouldn't
of been so concerned about losing their "market
value". Must be hard living in denial, right

Reference - Jimi Hendrix -(A Joe Boyd Film)
1973 Warner Brothers

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