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Re: SCHOOL'S OUT (slight return)

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Posted By Just The Truth On Tue, Jul 31st At 5:36 PM
In Reply To: SCHOOL'S OUT (slight return) Posted By BOB DYLAN'S GRANDMOTHER On Mon, Jul 30th At 6:36 PM
LOL? Clapton compete with Hendrix, that's a laugh?
Anyone for tennis? Hahaha! C'mon you know Cream
suck! Clapton even said publicly that his guitar
technique wasn't good enough to play Jimi's
version of Killing Floor. Time to study up
"little potttus".
Clapton's "Sunshine Of Your Love" is ten times
easier to play than Jimi's version, but you know
this already. Obviously you've never tried to
play Jimi's version, because you're stuck playing
single note riffs like Clapton's intro on
Talk about "plagarism", you wouldn't happen to
hear any Albert King licks in Clapton's songs
would ya? No Freddie King? No Robert Johnson? And
Clapton never copied B.B. King did he? LOL!
And lastly why was Clapton blown off the stage by
SRV at Alpine Valley? LOL! Why did Clapton tell
Buddy Guy in the helicopter ride over to Alpine
Valley, "How am I going to follow this guy?"
Don't tell me that was a conspiracy too.
Hahahaha! Clapton IS a featherweight compared to
Jimi. Clapton had all this time to "get better"
as a guitarist and all he comes out with is that
"Look Into My Father's Eyes" bullshit.
Now quit being a sad cunt and wake up.


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