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Re: Hendrix Aug 31-70 livetape

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Posted By Gypsy On Wed, Aug 1st At 1:45 PM
In Reply To: Re: Hendrix Aug 31-70 livetape Posted By space captain On Sun, Jul 29th At 10:57 PM
>>Does anyone know if this tape is out on boot?
>>A friend of mine taped it and gave me a copy,
>>which I found when I moved.

>hey fred! good news! i've got this tape.jimi
>dipped it in some groovy acid , then wiped his
>hiny with it - 3 day trip , dude!anyway , since
>you're a brother , i'm gonna give it to you for
> >$1500.00 call me - 1-800-JIMIPIMP.

Never mind that little shit, he's got nothing
better to do. Obviously


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