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Posted By mecca On Wed, Aug 1st At 9:48 AM
In Reply To: do ya know? Posted By pecker On Sat, Jul 28th At 7:59 AM
I have heard of a supposed 15 minute long version
of Pali Gap, but I've never seen any conclusive
proof myself. The 5 minute version widely
circulated was apparently recorded during the
same session as Hey Baby and Dolly Dagger, at the
end of Dolly Dagger you heard the jam fade out,
Billy Cox started improvising on the bassline and
Jimi followed, they went into this spacey
improvisation and Jimi then put a 2nd guitar
overdub over it after they finished and the tape
was stuck in a box labelled 'Dolly Dagger- Slow
Part' for a long time after his death, only to
surface later and Alan Douglas coined the name
Pali Gap for the untitled instrumental which he
got from a place in Mauii. Since the thing was
improvised I'm dubious about this 15 minute
version, unless the one currently out was edited
down from that length or Jimi decided to develop
the song further at some point.

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