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Yeah, he is gay..

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Posted By Potttus has nothing to do. On Sun, Jul 22nd At 7:34 PM
In Reply To: Potttus is right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Posted By Creamfreak On Sat, Jul 21st At 10:24 PM
>The top ten guitarists from June 1966 to
> September 1970 are as follows:
> 1. Eric Clapton - His work with Cream puts
> him way above anyone else.
> 2. Jeff Beck - His wild , inventive ,
> superfast playing showed Hendrix how to do it.
> 3. Jimmy Page - "Led Zeppelin" and"Led
>Zeppelin II" are all anyone needs as
> justification that Page should be ranked here.
> 4. Johnny Winter - Today's best blues
>guitarist was easily better than Hendrix - as
> recorded jams have showed.
> 5. Jimi Hendrix - His playing on "Johnny
>B.Goode" from May of 1970 was the best he ever
>did , mainly because he stayed with the rhythm
> guitar parts.
> 6. Ritchie Blackmore - Deep Purple's guitarist
>was heavily influenced by Jeff Beck , but he
> finds his own voice during this period.
> 7. Peter Green - A Clapton fan , as was every
>guitarist from this period , Green could have
>shown Jimi the proper way to play the blues had
> Jimi the ability.
> 8. Mick Taylor - Another Clapton fan , Taylor
>showed everyone that he could do it all with
> John Mayall's Bluesbreakers.
> 9. Duane Allman - The Allman Brothers' first
>album showed everyone that a brilliant new
>talent was on the scene , maybe the greatest
> slide guitarist who ever lived.
> 10. John Mclaughlin - His work with Miles
>Davis took the guitar where Hendrix could only
> imagine - and without cheap gimmicks.
>Serious guitar fans should check out these
> >guys.



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