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Posted By xico On Sun, Jul 22nd At 7:28 PM
In Reply To: LESSON #4 Posted By POTTTUS On Sat, Jul 21st At 9:34 PM

Homeboy, jimi is god!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And as for u ,ur just a sad cock suckin frustrated
clapton fan who,madly, fails to recognize the
greatness of the "god" that is Jimi hendrix!
as for a live album, his driving south
album,besides being live!!!,was recorded,get
this,in 1965 u asshole!!! CLapton alos said that
when he saw jimi in a london night club, he
thought jimi was a wannabe, but 30 seconds into
"killing floor" CLaptons balls litterally fell
and he him self said"it was like god came down to
earth to make me realize I was a meer mortal
compared to the guy on stage,whos name was
JIMI HENDRIX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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