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Posted By Marian On Wed, Sep 27th At 1:14 AM
I have a few large Hanson promo posters from March
2000 to either sell or trade for Backstreet Boys
stuff. They are all the same, and are 42 x 60cm
and have all the Hanson brothers on it. The
picture is the same as on the "This Time Around"
single, but if you don't know what that looks
like, email me for a scan. I'll sell each poster
for $6 US cash or if you would like to trade, let
me know what BSB items you have to trade. Please
email me for more info, do not reply on this post
cos I won't be checking it.
Also, if you are interested in free concert
tickets or backstage passes to your fave bands,
go to and signup, using mazbsb as
the person who referred you.

  • Hanson Poster - Marian Wed, Sep 27th At 1:14 AM (1)

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