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Re: oops.. this link works

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Posted By Wendy On Mon, Aug 27th At 9:59 PM
In Reply To: Re: oops.. this link works Posted By Kai On Mon, Aug 27th At 9:20 PM
>>>Hey guys! Click on the link below! You'll get a
>>> nice ROBBY surprise!
>>>Yes, it's been a while, and I don't post here
>>>much anymore. But I wanted to share this
>>> >>>with >you guys. :)


>For some reason Katie...its not working for me
>still..anyone else having a problem? Or is it
>jsut me? I went to couldnt find
> >anything robby related...

there's a lil' picture of Robby! (top row,
left...) from the thing!
Thanks Katie! :)

oh, I see the problem...the picture changes each
time you go to the page...


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