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Re: hey Eva!!

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Posted By eva On Mon, Aug 27th At 5:23 PM
In Reply To: hey Eva!! Posted By Lisa Goo On Mon, Aug 27th At 4:49 PM
>Just a question, I get to the WOG through the
>links page off, will that take me to the
>new forum, because of right now I still get >the
> old forum?

MFC hasn't re-directed anything yet...once they
do, anyone who trys to access the sites will be
re-directed to the new forum. i'll let everyone
know when it's going to happen or else you'll
just come one day and see it's all

  • hey Eva!! - Lisa Goo Mon, Aug 27th At 4:49 PM (2)
    • Re: hey Eva!! - eva Mon, Aug 27th At 5:23 PM (1)

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