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Posted By Jessalynn On Mon, Sep 5th At 12:45 PM
In Reply To: Tattoo Posted By Slave Girl On Sun, Aug 26th At 9:46 PM
>I was reading old posts and saw one about people
>with Goo tattoos. Ok I LOVE the Goos but I'm not
>sure about that. I guess my friend and I sorta
>have Goo tattoos. We went to Buffalo on Goo Goo
>Dolls Day back in April and got tattoos while we
>were there. They're the Chinese symbol for LOVE
>on the top of our left foot. Kinda like John's
>self-help tattoo I suppose. Does that qualify as
> a Goo tattoo?? I think. Kinda, maybe.

I got a tattoo of a ? mark because of John's.

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