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Re: MFC and Memory...

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Posted By trac On Sat, Aug 25th At 8:11 PM
In Reply To: MFC and Memory... Posted By eva On Sat, Aug 25th At 8:06 PM
>People, MFC is just really having a problem with
>a memory bug. not much new can happen until they
>get it resolved. don't forget that MFC is
>non-profit...they're doing the best that they
>can and they've built one hell of a community
>forum! i honestly haven't seen anything like it
>on the net...there probably is but i have yet to
>find one this simple. i'm addicted to it and all
>we can do is test it! (well...the Slipknot
>moderators are quite the gang over there *shakes
>head* might have to delete some stuff
>already) MFC just can't put it and keep it in
> place until everything is ok.
>i had them add a Lifehouse board too.

thanks for the update Eva :)


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