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Posted By Andimerbob On Sun, Aug 26th At 6:26 PM
In Reply To: Re: hello folks Posted By trac On Sun, Aug 26th At 1:17 PM
>>just a quick hello from the big easy
>>tying up a few loose ends here and heading back
>> to NY
>>hope life is treating you all well
>>I will pop in from time to time as I slowly get
>> back online
>>love and gooey kisses


Yo, dude, your name...remindes me of me...when i
go somewhere that doesn't require shoes, i don't
wear at school...they tell you to,
but i usually don't, and i usually end up getting
yelled at...i don't like shoes....they're too
complicated....lmao...well, wb, even though i
have no idea who you'll cya
around!! (hopefully)
mad about goo,


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