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Re: What about Rob???

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Posted By Kai On Sun, Aug 26th At 9:53 PM
In Reply To: Re: What about Rob??? Posted By magoo1516 On Sun, Aug 26th At 7:12 PM
>>I was reading the Rolling Stone article about
>>the new album, and I noticed it said that
>>Johnny crnked out 12 songs. Aren't there only
>>gonna be 12 on the CD? Has Robby totally
>>disappeared!? OMG! Well, I tell ya, if he
>> >>ain't >singin, he'll be missed.

>In the big Rolling Stone article they say Robby
>is singing 4 songs and John 8. Pretty much the
> >same as on DUTG.

Only 4? Hmm...I was really hoping to see a
comeback of Robby-tracks on this album...oh cant always get what you want...(but
if you try sometimes you just might find you get
what you need, right? And I need more goo!
Regardless of which goo sings it!)


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