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Posted By allflowerz On Thu, Apr 5th At 6:07 PM
I know a lot of people doubt a lot of female artists. But this lady is different. I read over her profile and read the biography on her life journey's. Her names Shannon Moore and she's actually been a avid artist for years.

Who knew right?

Well, one of my collegues at UMGD dropped her cd off for me to hear. Just as a lot of other avid artists help people though a lot of hard times, so does Shannon Moore. Her music has this vibe to it that just draws you in. Her lyrics are meaningful and it has really helped me through tough times. She
speaks from the heart. But, give a listen and judge for yourself.

Oh...and don't confuse her for the WWF wrestler! haha
She doesn't wear leather costumes and fight big muscular men! haha.

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