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Posted By trippingbillies On Sat, Nov 19th At 12:17 PM
Hi Everyone

I recently celebrated a birthday with a DMB theme. Had a few Temporary Tattoos made with
the Firedancer image, and ended up with a few hundred - VERY COOL, but I will never use them

I wasnt sure what to do with them at first, but knew that I would like to share them with the
community. In fact, I would like to share them as far as I can. All I ask is that you cover the
minor shipping related costs and limit your request to one each. This will give me a chance to
spread them out to as many fellow fans as possible.

The tattoos last 3 - 5 days and can be easily removed with baby oil or soap. The tattoo quality
and colour (mainly red, yellow and orange) is awesome. The actual size is 1.5" x 1.5" inches.

These tattoos are very cool for any DMB fan or collector. Use them for stocking stuffers, or
wear them for fun, fashion or to a show. If you are interested in one of these very cool
Firedancer tattoos please send me an email at [email protected] and I will send you all
the necessary information.

I am located in Canada, and I really dont want anything other than the satisfaction of knowing
the tattoos are in the hands of people who will appreciate them.

I am not sure how long they will last before they are all gone. Depending on the response, I will
post again once they are taken.

Please keep this thread alive!


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