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Posted By Milarepa On Sat, May 15th At 3:22 PM
In Reply To: YOU!!!! Posted By Charlotte On Fri, May 14th At 7:03 PM
Yeah I was at the first row and you know,even in
my craziest dreams,I couldn't imagine that I was
so close!!!!!but I had to come really early
before the concert...
So...they look so good!!!they're all so
cute!!!Mike is always frowning,you know like "Hey
I'm a tough guy"!!but he was cool coz he's really
brilliant when he sings the punk tracks and when
he makes the crowd participate...Adrock was like
"Hey I've drunk 3000 cups of coffee so you know,I
can't stop jumping" (he's really great,he looks
so happy on stage...)...Yauch was know
like "music is my drug and I'm flying!!)...he
walks,he plays with his mic,it looks as if he was
dreaming and doing everything in slow motion,you
know...but he's really fly too...and you know
what?he smiled to me!!!!(I swear!!) AND he made a
lil move with his lips,you know,like when you
give a lil kiss...!!!!!!!!!!!!! want more details

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