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Re: anthrax... i mean antifreeze. sweet.

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Posted By mary On Sat, May 27th At 4:17 AM
In Reply To: anthrax... i mean antifreeze. sweet. Posted By Dave On Sun, Jun 1st At 11:28 PM
>In my opinion, antifreeze is not a real band.
>Not only because of the generic lyrics but the
>unoriginal band name. "Antifreeze" That's
>really cutting edge. At least one of the
>vocalists need to step up and at least show that
>they are some sort of a talent on the
>microphone. That's all the world needs. Another
>copycat band with a whining boy behind the mic.
>Just thought I'd give you my opinion. Enjoy the
> rest of your day fellas.

Antifreeze is a phenomenal band. You're just
jealous, you've got to be a wannabe. They'll be
famous as Green Day someday, and you'll still
just be pathetic little you, Ha!!


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