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Posted By Joey Burg On Tue, Aug 28th At 2:26 PM
In Reply To: The other Singer Posted By Jason Scheibe On Fri, Aug 17th At 11:52 AM
Hey, Just because you dont think that S.A. is good
dosen't give you a reason to dump all over him
like that! I will admit that I like Nick and the
more mellon jazzy songs but S.A. is still a very
good artist. If you dont like the way he sings
dont listen to the songs but dont come in here
trash talking S.A. There is no 311 with out S.A.
or Nick or any of em so think twice before you
open your mouth.

Peace out,

  • The other Singer - Jason Scheibe Fri, Aug 17th At 11:52 AM (1)
    • Re: The other Singer - Joey Burg Tue, Aug 28th At 2:26 PM (0)

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