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Posted By Shaun Lalime On Fri, Aug 10th At 12:40 PM
I got tickets to the vans warped tour hoping to
see my favorite band "311" and when I got to the
fucking concert at the Downs in Boston they were
no where to be found. I asked around and finally
someone working there told me that they decided
to cancel out 9 days B 4 the concert and make
their own tour. You know how pissed I was at that
point if your a true fan. I baught those tickets
in hope to see 311 and I never got to see them,
so I left the concert very early and very
disappointed. I just want to know WHY and what
the hell happened. I still love you guys and your
music is fuckin great, but why disappoint so many
fans here in the East coast? I hope you can make
it up to us. Thanx.

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