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'01 Warped Tour-San Antonio

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Posted By C. Zuber On Sat, Jul 21st At 9:28 PM
I am incredibly upset. I spent the ENTIRE day
waiting for the band that should have "headlined"
the damn tour. 311 played for half a f*&#in hour.
Rancid played for over an hour, and they weren't
even the "big" name on the god damn tour. I know
this is a long and strenuous tour but f**k! Half
an hour? My girl spent her hard earned money to
buy us tickets; it should have been a great gift.
311 broke her heart! She gave her all during
their show. She loved 311, more than me even.
She's been turning people on to these guys as
long as I can remember. This was her reward. Half
a damn hour. If they can't take the Van's tour
they should get the f**k off! It's not right or
fair that 311 should rip off and lose fans over a
bulls**t tour. They should think about their fan
base. We're die hard. Always there. We've been
there since "Music". I don't have a friend that
doesn't have EVERY album. They can't do this to
us! We've stood by these guys even after the
"Down" craze with those MTV as**oles. I know it's
been a long road. I know they've worked their
as*es off to get where they are now. But they
should not forget for a second that it is us, the
fans, who have gotten them where they are. Why
did they rip us off? That's how I feel, that's
how my girl feels. We paid $4 dollars for 12oz of
water all day long just to realize that we had a
better time listening to the CD on the way there
for free. Guys (311) you owe us. You owe us big!

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