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To the LOSERS who wrote 311 is FUCKING RETARTED

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Posted By Candice "the one who you are jealous of" On Tue, Jul 10th At 10:12 PM
I love 311, I'm 21 and I've loved them since I was
13, most of the idiots that say they hate 311
probubly haven't hit puberty!! Your life has to
suck, you have nothing better to do than look up
311 on the internet and write stupid ass comments
about them!! You are the 'kids' that have no
life!! The fans of 311 looked them up because we
love them!! You just have nothing better to do
but waste your meaningless bullshit lives wasting
our time! Get a life you stupid LOSERS!! Oh and
by the way 311 DOES NOT stand for the KKK! God,
some people have NO brains! If you want to know
the truth get the "Enlarged to show detail" movie
that they made! P-Nut said fuck the KKK, Or you
can look at the 311 pictures and you will see
under "Transistor" there is a picture of P-Nut
shoting a bird- that is when he said it!
Thank you for you time- since you have no life
anyways- Now go sit in the back of the class will
are the beautiful people fuck with your heads!!
Don't cry- "LIVE AND LOVE 311 always" CANDICE<
Georgia- 311 fans 'snaps'

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