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Posted By johnny miles On Fri, Jun 8th At 7:08 AM
anyone heard the "hidden intro" to transistor?
it's all instrumental and ends with a guitar solo
by tim, and i was just wondering why it didn't
make the album, cuz it really shows how fast his
finger work is. in fact, i can't think of a song
that features a faster guitar part than that
solo. weird how he doesn't shred like that more
often, must be extremely humble or something.
anyone catch the 311/incubus/sugur ray concert on
11/3/97 in wichita? only concert i've seen other
than snot, and i must say it was off the hook.
never been so irie in my whole life! 311 is the
ONLY band i can think of that can't be classified
as strictly reggae that only delivers positive
lyrics. all rock bands sing about depression and
broken hearts, and all rappers talk about killing
and pimpin hoes. but if everyone smoked as much
chronic as 311 does, i'm sure they would be a bit
more positive, too.

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