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Re: Are you guys all idiots or something?

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Posted By josh On Sun, May 27th At 2:48 AM
In Reply To: Are you guys all idiots or something? Posted By PsycoNymph69 On Fri, May 4th At 1:48 AM
it wasnt p nut it was another friend of theirs,
and he got busted for indecent exposer hence the
code (311)......

>If you guys are any kind of fan at all you would
>know that 311 is some sort of police code that
>P-nut broke and was arrested for but they didn't
>say what. The band thought it was hilarious and
>so named the band that. Watch their movie
>"Enlarged to show detail" you can get it at HMV.
> It has the explanation there. They say in that
>movie and I quote "FUCK THE KKK". So get off
>their cases they are not >prejudice in any
> way! GOT IT!


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