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Posted By jenn On Mon, Jun 25th At 7:05 PM
In Reply To: Re: KKK Posted By TROZ On Thu, Apr 26th At 7:35 PM
>i hear it all the time and i think that is sick
> and wrong!!!

actually the name 311stands for the the police
code for indecent exposure. But the KKK thing
would be pretty wrong if it were true.


>>I'd like to know what everyone thinks about
>>this. From what I've seen and heard from people
>>in prison and jail, 311 is another symbol for
>>the "KKK." "K" being the eleventh letter in the
>>alphabet, and there being "3" of them, I see a
>>connection and people to back me up on this.
>>Ask around and see if anyone else sees the
>> connection.
>>Like the music, but don't know about the
>> >name-o-the-band!

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