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Re: I have a 311 tatto 2 of them....

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Posted By Gavin On Tue, Apr 24th At 12:34 PM
In Reply To: I have a 311 tatto 2 of them.... Posted By shirnkedink On Wed, Apr 18th At 7:40 PM
I think you are the stupidest thing since the Pet
Rock. Tattooing some bands artwork on your body
is the lamest form of art around. Get something
done that is original. Make it mean more than you
being just another 311 fan. They know you're out
there, but you don't need to waste your skin on
some band that won't be around in the next 20

Learn to spell too:

untilted = untitled

tattod = tattooed

albam = album

and to no something is spelled: know


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