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Posted By Menena On Tue, Apr 10th At 9:35 AM
I want everyone to check out [minus] an amazing
melodic hardcore band from Atlanta, Ga. You can
listen to them at and visit
their webpage at
[minus] is also the band in the "featured release"
section on website. Go take a visit to
see why you should care about them....
There's also a nice lowdown about the band on Check out the link below to learn
everything you could possibly want to know about

If you like what you hear, the new [minus] album,
Structure of Simplicity, comes out on May 1st,
but you can pre-order the album now at:
Don't forget to use as
your referring email

"now i've looked all around me/and i am still
deciding/who has listened to the strength in my
sanity"- HESITANT AND POLITE, [minus]

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