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Re: Hydroponic / Dammit Bootlegs

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Posted By fubu891 On Tue, Mar 6th At 11:41 PM
In Reply To: Hydroponic / Dammit Bootlegs Posted By Justin On Mon, Feb 5th At 8:05 PM
Yes, i have the hydroponic/dammit bootleg cd

emailme for info

>Does anyone out there have the Hydroponic +
>Dammit bootleg cd? I've been trying to compile
>Hydroponic, Unity, and Dammit with mp3s and a CD
>burner, and after downloading all the songs I
>found out that Hydroponic and Dammit were
>originally on cassette. I was wondering if the
>bootleg version was taken straight from the
>cassette, or if it was remastered, etc. If you
>know anything about this cd or know how to get
> >it, please inform me. Thanks.


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