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Posted By frank On Thu, Apr 29th At 2:01 PM
In Reply To: 311 Zippo Lighters Posted By Brian On Sat, Feb 3rd At 6:38 PM
>I want a 311 Zippo lighter but there aren't any,
>Zippo will custumize zippos but the minimum they
>will print is 50. I don't care what the 311 logo
>looks like, but if 50 or more people read this
>and want one E-Mail me with the style and your
>address, do like an Ebay thing people send me
>money orders or check I'll order them and send
>them to people. They are like $15.00 per
>lighter, thats why I don't just order a bunch of
> them. I need help fans please.

Fuck yea i have been looking for a 311 lighter for
years so you can mark me down for one, get back
to me if u are still interested


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