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Re: Guys like WEEZER?

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Posted By Brandon Myren On Sat, Feb 17th At 6:48 AM
In Reply To: Guys like WEEZER? Posted By drippy On Wed, Dec 27th At 1:26 AM
>Being a big 311 fan, I figure some of you will
> also be weezer fans like me.
>ANyway, just wanted to share the info that they
>are touring this spring and tix are going
> fast!!
> has all the tour info.
>go check it out. although they probably wont
>rock like a 311 show, it will still be a
> blast!!
>cant wait!

Yeah weezer rules, Stuck in Hawaii and they
cancelled the last show in jan. and can't wiat to
rock in the front row with my 311-T on screamin'
out "who's got the herb"


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