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311 and my Guardian Angel

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Posted By Rachel On Wed, Oct 18th At 7:44 PM
Recently my bestest friend, Kellie Evans, was
killed in an automobile accident coming home from
the 311 show in Las Vegas. She was the biggest
311 fan ever!! I don't care how much of a fan
you say that you are, she was the biggest. she
met the band on a few occasions, memorized all
their songs, would quote them all the time, went
to almost all the shows that she could, wrote
them, and even knew one of their friends "B Love"
who helped all her dreams come true. 311 even
sent flowers to her funeral, and that means so
much to me and everyone who knew Kellie. So,
whatever you say, don't dog on them. They love
all their fans as much as their fans love 311.
THANKS 311!! Your the best!!

Love always and forever,

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