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Here is Bryan winning the Horizon Award.  List of awards on Fast Facts Page...

I spy...


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"From this Moment On" went number one!  That's 6 for Bryan...7 for Shania!  Congrats to the partners!!!

I guess a lot of you wanted to know what kind of sheets Bryan has been sleeping on when he was at his new home...well it's answered!  WHITE COTTEN!  LOL  This was just one little fact about Bryan's home that was revealed when Martina McBride snooped around for us in Celebrity Homes on TNN.  Others included...his empty refridgerator (with cheese and salsa for "Fat Dip"), the pool room for the guys to joke around in after recording in the studio, all the Three Stooges Memorabilia that all of you have given him, and of course the basketball hoop in the back (and his grandmother (a basketball coach) would be disappointed in all the hoops he missed! LOL).  

Bryan recently stopped by the "Sidewalk of Stars" @ the Music Valley Wax Museum in Nashville.  He left his foot prints, hand prints, and signature. Other stars leaving their mark in cement include: