Blindhearted (Bryan White, Randy Goodrum)

I made a promise to myself
Never again
To get burned by someone else
Until you walked in

I felt the old magic begin
I felt the room startin' to spin
As my will came tumbling down

I can't help it if I'm blindhearted
Fallin' again
I can't help it if my life has started 
Slowly cavin' in
And I keep on holdin' out for you
Oh, I guess I'm just a blindhearted fool

I've got to find a way to live
On my own
I need to find someone who'll give
Me love that's strong

It's like a race against time
Until your face enters my mind, and you still
Burn me to the ground


Tell everyone to gather 'round
They won't believe the view
They're looking at a blindhearted fool
Over you