"Something to Talk about" concert - Ft. Worth, TX; April 29th, 1998

Okay my concert going friend, AMANDA, my mother (who never went to a Bryan conert and I practically made her go) and I headed to Ft. Worth from Plano (directly above Dallas) around 5 because of traffic. We made it to Tarrent Country Conv Center around 6:30. We made a quick stop at the merchandise table to get the new tour shirt and a keychain (i collect at each concert I go to) and to see when and where the M&G was going to be. We found out it was going to be during Leann's show and then went to locate our 8th row seats. The concert started very soon after we sat down.

I didn't write down the order of the I'm gonna try to do this by memory...

He sang LITRP, OSM, SES, INSTLYA, LAMN, Call me crazy, Signed sealed delivered, I can't make you love me (with leann), Bad day to let you go, i think he did the Natural thing, SMFP, Imagine that (he sang and played the drums and two songs were added in the middle (medly) but can't remember which songs! UGH!) I know I'm probably forgetting some, sorry. I know he didn't do Southern Nights or Stand By Me which upset me (but just a little! LOL). Bryan's show has definately improved since the last time I saw him (Sept. 27th, 1997). There were moments when the entire band would start bouncing up and down...and then there would be times when Bryan would role around on the floor! He also LOVED to mess with the audience! He has always had this playful side...but he shows it much more now!

During a slow song (can't remember which - prob OSM) Amanda and I held up a sign we made. It said "What did WE do to deserve YOU?!!" The light was sorta on the audience at the time...and he was looking at our side of the stage....the sign was neon so it got his attention! LOL I could tell he was reading it so we held it up higher....he smiled and made a quick gesture to us (cuz he was playin the guitar! LOL).

Then after his show we went to the meet and greet line. We met two girls in the line (and I can't believe I didn't ask thier names! But they were both REALLY sweet!) and started talkin away. We were sitting there waiting and as we were in mid sentence...Brad Hawkins just walks right by us! I would have asked for an autograph, but all four of us couldn't put the name to the face until after he'd walked away with this girl. (shux!) Then I heard Leann singing "I wanna be a Cowboys Sweetheart" and I started singin along. One of the girls asked my name...and I said why? She said because I'm gonna join your fan club! LOL I was like....ummm, THANX! LOL NEWAYS...then we were led down a hallway to the room where he was. I was the 2nd in line...and I gave him the poster I wanted autographed (which was the pic on the new album with him on the stairs that was up in Walmart when he came last sept and a friend took off the wall! LOL) and he signed it. Then I went to the back of the table and said I brought you a present.

bryan~Really? What is it? <as he takes it out of the bag>

me~ a jacket that about 30 people on the internet bought you. <gave him the letters> See I have a website and I got a bunch of people to help with the payment. <he laid the jacket on the table and like pet the back because it's like 3D>

Bryan~ NO WAY! This could be the coolest present I've ever gotten!!! <stands up and gets behind the chair> BRINSON!! Come here...check this OUT!

Brinson~ <walks over> WOW! <laughs> How cool!

Bryan~ geez. <speechless...that's a first!> <came over to me> Thank you so much sweetie! <gave me a huge hug> Hey Byron <to the camara guy...cuz he was talkin>

Byron (the camara guy) took our pic.

We both said bye....then I went over to the stairs to wait on my friend who was behind me. Brinson walked by and I called to him...he turned around and I asked for another autograph. He said sure! Came over looked at me...I said you probably dont remember me. He stared harder and said "You look SO familiar!" and I said yeah...we've met before and told him my name. He said "Rockwall right?!" <which was the city where I met him last> I said right. Then I added I've also talked to you thru email. And I reminded him of a couple of things we had talked about thru email and he smiled and Said...OH....That was you! LOL He signed my poster too and said goodbye. I shoulda got a pic but I figured it was okay. LOL Then Amanda and I left.

We went back out as Leann's show was almost over (she only had 2 songs left) and then Bryan came back out. They sang Something To Talk about and get this....FROM THIS MOMENT ON! Anyways...those were the only two songs they did together. Then it was all over. We packed up and headed home. You can tell Bryan feels better on the stage now with all the set and lighting to back him up! I can't wait until the next one. I know I didnt talk much about the actual show....but it was GREAT! Very energetic...even though he only had 2 hours of sleep that day! Can you believe it?! I would have passed out! Can't wait until the next one!

written by:  Laura McKinley

(the old review from Spet. 27th, 1997 was taken down to put this one up.  If you'd like it..just email me!  Thanx!)

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