He was born in Lawton, a small town,
then grew up in a big city nearby;
He was brought up near music without a frown,
and he ended up a well-rounded guy.
He started his career by learning the drums,
a little later Anita made him sing;
Now without warning he has many chums,
but not because his songs have a catchy ring.
During highschool his friends had no clue,
of what that immature boy would become;
If you're close to Bryan you are a lucky few,
and again it's not because he's handsome.
"Eugene You Genius" was his first release,
we watched as it climbed up the chart;
"Look At Me Now" proved that he would not cease,
if you ask me, this was a great start.
His dreams came true with "Someone Else's Star",
a sad ballad about not finding love;
Everyone agreed that he would go far,
and we know he's thanking the lord above.
Becca was the focal point of the next song,
a tale of two kids who fell in love;
Everyone knew that it wouldn't take long,
to have another song that would rise above.
The next one was as good as the recent two,
"I'm not Supposed To Love You Anymore";
This song can still make anyone turn blue,
just as the two songs that came before.
This song proved him to be as bright as the sun,
the upbeat tempo showed another side;
"So Much For Pretending" was really fun,
even though the words were sad, no one cried.
Now "That's Another Song" didn't do as well,
if you ask me it should've gone all the way;
If you didn't know Bryan, you'd thought he fell,
but those things happen - What can you say?
Bryan bounced back with his next little song,
"Sittin' On Go" quickly jumped up the charts;
This song proved everyone unloyal wrong,
the band and him had opened their hearts.
Now to me the songs aren't what makes him great,
there is so much more hidden in that skin;
If doesn't matter even if he's late,
in my eyes, he will always, always win.
Look at what he's done for the FEEA,
those kids will be forever grateful;
To him, helping people is the only way,
the man we see has an outstanding soul.
The musician may not see his impact,
the reason that makes us all cling;
He touches many lives and that's a fact,
and again, it's not because he can sing.
He is also a great role model,
he has never smoked or even touched a drug;
And he never drinks anything from a bottle,
but if he saw a drugie, he would give a hug.

hug me...
Now I see Bryan as he sees Steve,
just the perfect person all around;
When I get to Nashville, I'll never leave,
because I feel that I've been bound.
Now Bryan has flawes, that we all know,
but those things aren't a very big deal;
When someone points them out, I just say "So",
That's what makes him even more real.
People look past him because of his age,
but he has never let this bother him;
Because he knows he's an equal on-stage,
and they just can't see past his outer rim.
How do you know that you're going to make it?
well the funny thing is that he had no doubt;
He didn't realize what he's miss a bit,
which ended up to be fishing for trout.
I've seen Bryan perform at Countryfest,
Unfortunatly that's been the only show;
The Dallas Morning News thought he was the best,
And by September 27th he'll grow.
I have not met the artist I respect so much,
but that's not needed to know the man;
He has never needed to use a cruch,
and that's why I'll be an undying fan.
I'm writing this so he'll know we care,
so he'll know that we'll stay by his side;
We won't leave him if he redoes his hair,
and if someone says otherwise, they lied!
I wish I could somehow get my point across,
but I'll never be able to get him to see;
Because I'll always be at a loss,
But here it goes - Bryan, you mean A LOT to me!


UNTITLED: In his eyes you

can see his passion he's got for his music,

with the voice like an angel and his

boyish good looks

he have capture the heart of many of

his young fans

with his sincerity and passion in his

singing he have touch the hearts of


his sweet smile and kind words

warm the hearts of many

he is a true country


written by


new bry


In a cowboys heart

are all the things he loves

Passions that can not be tamed

by any lovers love

If any women tries

to tame his wild heart

it will only lead to grief

and a lonely life apart

But I will not try to change

What's rooted deep inside

'cause all I want to see

Is that fire in your eyes.

sent in by: Angie This poem I wrote especially for Bryan!

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