Where's Bryan Been?

Well, I figure that since Bryan has gone public with this story I can share it with all of his internet fans.  At Bryan's fan club party this year, he did not sing for the crowd like he usually does; he instead told everyone why he has had such a hard past few years.  I can't do him justice by just repeating what I think are the main points, because he may feel I left something important out or mentioned something that is trivial.  Either way...this is the best way for me to convince his old and new fans that he has not ended his career, but that he is just getting back on his feet.

I assume it basically started when Bryan decided to try and produce his own album "How Lucky I Am" with Derek.  Of course, we all loved it just as much as the others before it, yet Bryan was getting bashed in different publications.  He started loosing his self-confidence because people all around him were telling him that his career was over and he was worthless.  Bryan started diving into depression and withdrew from his fan "obligations".  I know many of his fans noticed because they withdrew as well.  Also, for those of you who went to shows last year, you realized something was terribly wrong.  Bryan could barely get through a show.  In his words, "I felt like there was a noose around my neck everytime I walked on stage."  He had doctors check out his throat and nothing was physically wrong with it.  So, he started seeing a voice instructor.  

Probably one of the most important things that happened to Bryan this year was his baptism.  Bryan is a born again Christian and was baptized (I think he said in April of 2001).  He said he is interested in creating some program for Christian kids.  Bryan also admitted that he was interested in getting involved in Alcoholism programs because his own father had the disease.  

Bryan had pushed his tour back a little in order to be 100% when going back out on the road!  Please go out to support him and help him bounce back!  Bryan thanked his loyal fans about a hundred times during his fan club party, for believing in him.

There are still GREAT things to come....