The band has sort of rearranged itself due to Bryan's cancelled tour last year.  Randle is now playing with the SENSATIONAL Brad Paisley (Belmont U grad!).  Scott is now with Toby Keith on his tour, and I haven't heard whether he will join up with the guys for the upcoming tour dates.  Brinson and Derek are still there of course!  I don't think those two will ever leave each other's sides. :-)  And I have heard Lee and Joe will return to Bryan's band, but Tom will not.  I can't remember which artist he is playing for right now, but it isn't Bryan.  :-)

Brinson's Funniest Road Experience:  "The time a young fan showed up at a show in full wedding attire - floor length wedding gown, veil - the whole thing.  She brought along her parents, a preacher and a bible with her and Bryan's name inscribed."

the guyz Look at these guys go!  No, Brinson and Derek aren't the only band members!  LOL  

Take a bow...

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