"I just do my best", is Brandy's explenation for her succes. Well, that proves to work!
In the US Brandy is a superstar, with an album that sold four times platinum and her starring in the UPN-TV show series Moesha...

Brandy recently starred in the UPN-TV show series Moesha. Here she played the part of Moesha Mitchell, a bright high school girl in a middle-class black neighbourhood in Los Angeles. A girl who likes to write in her diary and hanging out with her friends. She lives at home with her father (William Allen Young), her stephmother(Sheryl Lee Ralph) and kid brother(Marcus Polk). You can compare this TV-serie with 'the Cosby show', it's only a modernised version.," Brandy says."I've told people: 'No, she's d

This isn't the first time Brandy starred in a TV series. She made her debut on TV in the ABC-TV comedy series Thea, on which she played the part of Denesha, Thea's shy 15-year-old daughter who took schoolwork, boys, and talking on the telephone very seriously, says Brandy of her TV debut. "I learned the responsibilities of having a job and having to take care of my own business. I learned to be focused."