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-Krayzie Bone born in Cleveland Ohio
-Wish Bone born, Cleveland Ohio

-Layzie Bone born in Cleveland Ohio

-September 12, Bizzy Bone born in Columbus Ohio

-Following the underground release "Faces of Death," Bone head to L.A. via bus to find Eazy E. Bone call Eazy's
secretarey and raps for her. Eazy E then called Bone back at their hotel. They rapped to Eazy E but Eazy never called back.

-After hearing that Eazy E was putting on a concert in Cleveland, Bone got together all the money they could to get back home. At the concert Bizzy and Layzie snuck backstage.  Eazy then signed them on the spot.

-Bone hook up with D.J. U-Neek and make their first studio album "Creepin on ah Come Up" which spawned the hits
"Thuggish Ruggish Bone" and "Foe tha Luv Of $."

-Bone release "E.1999 Eternal" which sold 5 million copies. It contained the hits "1st of tha Month" and their biggest hit
"Tha Crossroads" which won two Grammys. As Krayzie said "The first album had nothing on the second album." He
also mentioned that during the recording of "E.1999 Eternal" a lot of work was put into it, each member spent 2 hours
in the studio perfecting their verse.

-Eazy E, and Krayzie's cousin passes away from AIDs 

-"Mo Thugs Family Scriptures" is released on Bone's own record label, Mo Thugs Records. The album contains the hit
"Thug Devotion."

-Flesh-N-Bone releases debut "T.H.U.G.S."

-"The Art of War" is released. It is Bone's most anticipated release. The album features, "If I Could Teach The World"
and "Look Into My Eyes"

-"Mo Thugs Family Reunion II: Family Reunion" is released, the second compilation from Mo Thug Records. It
features the hits "Ghetto Cowboy" and "All Good" It also features new Mo Thugs Members Felecia, MT5, Thug Queen,
Potion, and Scant.

-The second Bone solo is released, Bizzy Bones "Heaven'z Movie" which features "Thugz Cry" and "Nobody Can
Stop Me."

-Krayzie Bone releases debut solo "Thug Mentality 1999" which goes multi-platinum. Singles "Thug Mentality" and "Paper" are released.

-Krayzie Bone announces he is branching off and starting Thugline Records.

-Bone Thugs release fifth studio album BTNHRESURRECTION.

-Mo Thugs lll The Mothership Released on June 13, 2000

-Flesh is sentenced to 11 years in a California state prison for threatening a friend with an AK-47 back in December.

-Flesh-N-Bone Releases second solo album "5th Dog Let Loose" on October 10

-Bone release "The Collection Volume Two" on November 14, 2000

-Layzie Bone takes up the name L-Burna

-L-Burna releases his debut album entitled Thug By Nature on March 20th

- Bizzy Bone releases his sophomore album entitled The Gift on March 20th

- Bone Thugs-N-Harmony have been finally released from Ruthless Records

- Bone Thugs-N-Harmony sued by Ruthless Records (Comptown Records) on July 25th for breach of contract, fraud, and damages under the same labor code (2855)

- Krayzie Bone releases Thug On Da Line on August 28th 2001.