News for September 2000

Krayzie Bone discusses future plans..

After a six-year trail of successful albums, Krayzie Bone of Cleveland hip-hop’s pride Bone Thugs-N-Harmony is in the studio recording his second solo album entitled Thug On The Line. caught up with Krayzie Bone to talk about the new album and his new crew, Thug Line. "The album’s called Thug On The Line because I’m putting everything on the line," Krayzie Bone told while taking a break from the vocal booth. "Thug Mentality explained me as a solo artist but this one shows all my struggles since then."

Thug Line will be featured on the new release, which finds Krayzie breaking away from his Mo Thugs family. "I used to do the Mo Thug but I wasn’t feeling it at the time—I was trying to do my own thing," says Krayzie. "I went and found some more artists and started shopping around until I got a deal with Loud Records."

The Thug Line compilation album is scheduled for a release sometime next year. Also on Krayzie’s plate are plans to release a movie based on the 1998 Mo Thugs single, "Ghetto Cowboy." The "black western," as dubbed by Krayzie Bone, has already been scripted and is set to begin production later this year. "There’s going to be a lot of rappers and black actors on some rootin’ tootin’ type shit," said Krayzie.

Meanwhile, Thug On The Line is scheduled to hit record stores in January 2001. [SOURCE : HOOKT.COM]

Flesh-N-Bone Gets 11 Years In Assault Case (09.22.00)

On Friday in Van Nuys, California, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony's Flesh-N-Bone was sentenced to spend 11 years in a California state prison for threatening a friend with an AK-47 back in December.

In June, the rapper was found guilty of assault with a deadly weapon and criminal possession of a firearm by a felon for threatening a friend with an AK-47 that he produced from a baby's crib.

The rapper is already behind bars after pleading guilty to a charge of possession of a dangerous weapon. The case stems from a January incident in which Flesh-N-Bone was found by Los Angeles police officers brandishing a loaded, sawed-off shotgun at the home of one of his relatives.

On October 24, Flesh-N-Bone could be sentenced to as many as three years behind bars in that case. He may be sentenced to serve the two terms concurrently.

FBI Investigates Eazy-E and Tupac Extortions (09.14.2000)

According to FBI reports, a 2 year investigation was led against the Jewish Defense League for possible death threats and extortion plots against rappers Eazy E and Tupac Shakur. Apparently, the Jewish Defense League (JDL), offered to protect Eazy during the time in which Suge Knight had threatened him for the contractual release of Dr. Dre. Following the incident, Eazy continued to receive death threats, where he paid the JDL $1,000 a week as a result.

In the last year of Tupac’s life, he was also receiving death threats, and the JDL stepped in to offer their services of security and protection.

Two unnamed FBI informants reported that Shakur and Eazy had been victims of an extortion scheme shortly after Pac’s death. They reported that a group aligned with the JDL or actual JDL figures, were the ones making death threats to the rappers. The JDL deny the allegations, as does Ruthless Records. Interscope spokesperson would not comment.

The FBI probe lasted from October 17, 1996 and was closed May 1999 after not enough evidence was found to imply any extortion took place.

Flesh-N-Bone Pleads Guilty To Weapons Charge  (09/13/2000)  

Bone Thugs-N-Harmony's Flesh-N-Bone, a.k.a. Stanley Howse, pleaded guilty to felony possession of a dangerous weapon in Los Angeles Superior Court on Wednesday as part of a plea bargain.

The case stems from an incident in January, in which Los Angeles Police Department officers responded to a disturbance at the home of one of the rapper's relatives. While there, police said they came across Flesh-N-Bone, a convicted felon, brandishing a loaded, sawed-off shotgun and initially refusing officers' orders to leave the scene.

Flesh-N-Bone was initially charged with possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, illegal possession of a shotgun, making terrorist threats, and resisting an officer.

On October 24, Flesh-N-Bone could be sentenced to as much as three years behind bars.

The sentence could run concurrently with another ongoing case for the rapper; in June, he was convicted of assault with a firearm and for being an ex-convict in criminal possession of a firearm after threatening a friend with an AK-47 in December.

Flesh is the brother of BTNH's Layzie Bone (Steve Howse) and a cousin of Wish Bone (Charles Scruggs). His criminal record includes a charge of assault and battery (among others) in 1993, failing to live up to the terms of his probation on those charges, and assault and possession of illegal fireworks stemming from a July 4, 1997, incident, followed by a related altercation a few days later.   The latter netted him a sentence of 120 days in jail.

Flesh-N-Bone :: 5th Dog Lets Loose :: RELEASE   DATE : OCTOBER 10, 2000

  • check out tha track list for tha album below: 


1. Last Tru Souljahs Intro, The - (skit)
2. Hero
3. Word To The Wise
4. Master, The
5. If You Could See
6. Havin A Ball
7. He's So Deadly
8. Book Of Thugs Intro - (skit)
9. Armeggedon
10. Say A Little Prayer
11. Say Amen
12. If I Could Go Back
13. Come Fuck With Me
14. No Other Like My Kind
15. Too Greedy
16. Kurupted Flesh

The album will feature appearances from Wish Bone, Kurupt, Montell Jordan and Layzie Bone

Flesh-N-Bone Trial Set For September 1 (8/23/00)

Flesh-N-Bone appeared in Los Angeles Superior Court Tuesday (August 22) and found out that he will have a September 1 trial date regarding charges stemming from a January incident in which he allegedly arrived at a relative's home with a loaded shotgun.

The Bone Thugs-N-Harmony rapper, whose given name is Stanley Howse, was arrested for possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, illegal possession of a shotgun, resisting arrest, and making terrorist threats.

Flesh was also recently convicted of two felony weapons charges--assault with a firearm and criminal possession of a firearm by an ex-convict--that stem from a December 26, 1999 incident in which he allegedly pulled an AK-47 out of a baby's crib and pointed it at a friend. He faces up to 19 years in prison for these charges.