News for October 2000

Flesh-N-Bone's Second Album Released As He Awaits Sentencing

Flesh-N-Bone's second album, 5th Dog Let Loose, is scheduled to arrive in record stores Tuesday (October 10)--two weeks before the Bone Thugs-N-Harmony affiliate is sentenced on illegal gun possession charges.

The album features Montell Jordan on "Amen," Layzie Bone on "Way Back," Layzie Bone and Wish Bone on "If You Could See," and Kurupt on "Kurupted Flesh."

Flesh, whose legal name is Stanley Howse, appeared in Los Angeles Superior Court on September 13 and was told that his sentencing for the illegal gun possession charges would be given on October 24. A spokesperson in the Los Angeles District Attorney's Office said that it is expected that Flesh will be given a two-year sentence at the October 24 hearing.

The charges Flesh will face on October 24 stem from a January incident in which he allegedly arrived at a relative's house with a shotgun.

It is likely that the sentence given at the October 24 hearing will run concurrently with the 10-year sentence Flesh was given at California's Van Nuys Superior Court on September 22 for assault and weapons possession charges, the spokesperson said. Flesh was convicted of the latter charges, which stem from a December 1999 incident when he allegedly pointed a machine gun at a friend, during a jury trial on June 14. He had been facing up to19 years in prison on those charges.

Layzie Bone Talks About Brother Flesh, New Solo Album

Layzie Bone of Bone Thugs-N-Harmony says that while the sentence doled out to his sibling and fellow bandmember Flesh-N-Bone was harsh, it could have been worse.

Flesh was sentenced on September 22 to 10 years in prison for armed assault. The conviction stemmed from a December 26, 1999, incident in which Flesh-N-Bone, whose real name is Stanley Howse, allegedly pulled an AK-47 from a baby's crib and pointed it at an acquaintance named Tarrance Vickers. He had been facing up to19 years in prison.

Layzie told LAUNCH, "Flesh, that's my oldest brother, you know what I mean? It hurt me to my heart that the judge sentenced him like she did," he said. "But at the same time, she had a lot of love for him, because when we came into the game we didn't have too much direction. We were just young kids running wild doing our thing. And when I say wild, I mean wild, you know what I mean? It wasn't nothing but a stepping stone."

Layzie added that Flesh-N-Bone was able to complete a solo album called Fifth Dog Let Loose, due October 10, that will allow him to stay with his fans musically. Layzie says he is also putting the finishing touches on a 17-track solo album titled Thug By Nature featuring W.C., Mystikal, Snoop Dogg's Doggie's Angels, Immortal Thugs, and Bone Thugs. The project will also feature members of Mo Thugs Family, whose current album, Mo Thugs III: The Mothership, was produced by Layzie.

In the meantime, Layzie is philosophical about the future of Bone Thugs in the wake of Flesh's sentencing. "It's just some obstacles in life, man, that we're gonna get over," he said. "That's my brother--we all members of Bone Thugs love him very much, we gon' get through it. They'll see all five of us together again. He got 11 years, man, they gave him 11 years. With the grace of God he may only have to do four of 'em."

DJ Touchtone will provide the music for the event. Mystikal has just signed on to join Snoop Dogg and Bone Thugs-N- Harmony for a "Hip-Hop Halloween" concert at St. Louis's Savvis Center on October 29.