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Bizzy Bone takes a lot of legal action

Bizzy Bone is suing four record companies, a video company and one CEO because he wasn't given the $1 million advance he was promised for his second solo album and because he thinks a recently released Bone video portrays him in a negative light. Officially, Bizzy Bone is suing Sony Records, Loud Records, Compton Records, Epic Music Video, Ruthless Records and its CEO, Tomica Wright, for breach of contract, violation of right of publicity, false designation of origin, unfair competition, interference with prospective economic advantage, conspiracy, demand for accounting, constructive trust and permanent injunction.


The former manager of the late Eazy-E has won a major battle in getting an attempt to clean up his image. Ruthless Records (NWA, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony) co-founder Jerry Heller recently won an appeal in his libel suit against publishing giant Doubleday, allowing him to continue the suit which he originally filed in 1998.

Heller had filed the suit against Doubleday's Have Gun Will Travel: The Spectacular Rise and Violent Fall of Death Row Records and its author, hip-hop writer Ronin Ro, for a statement in the book that was allegedly false. Up until the recent decision by the Second Appellate District Court, a demurrer was maintained by the Los Angeles Superior Court, which kept Heller from pursuing his suit. In the appellate court's decision, the book was found "to contain a false statement about Heller that was 'libelous per se' because it exposed Heller to contempt and had the tendency to injure him in his occupation."

Have Gun follows the rise and fall of gangsta rap label Death Row Records and its founder, the currently incarcerated Marion "Suge" Knight

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the THUGGISH USA clothingline will be n stores real soon.we will have everything from,denim,shirts,hats,and jackets.the first 100 people to order shirts will have a chance to win a official thugline/thuggishusa leather jacket.and will be the first to recieve the THUGLINE UNCUT video or dvd which will be on sell real soon so email your orders.also be on the look out for krayziebone new album titled THUG ON THE LINE coming early march with the single and video HOMIE YALL DON'T NO ME dropping in january.also be on the look out for layziebone solo album titled L BURNER which will be in stores in january.

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News from my man K-Mont from Thugline and it goes a lil somethin like this:

Lay's album is off the chain. Lay came through and let the Thugline members listen to one of the master copies for a week straight and everyone felt is was cold-blooded. Krayzie Bone is STILL adding new songs to his upcomming Thug On da Line album. According to K-Mont, this album has totally switched up from 3 months ago. Video for Lay's first single has already been shot, no word yet on the title of the song. Kray's first single is now likely to be a cut called "Yall Dont Know Me" (which I aint even heard yet). K-Mont said its like a Jay-Z cut where as its street, but at the same time its got a catchy chorus and a tight ass beat (Produced by LT, who has done tracks like BattleZone, CLandIA,Cant Give It Up,Eastsidaz "If You Got Beef" etc.etc...). K-Mizzy also described it as having that Bone & Biggie vibe.

As of NOW it looks like BOTH Lay's and Kray's albums are slated for a January 30th release date. Obviously this is subject to change, but ill bring the latest when I get it.

Also, Lay is going to have an "Internet Show" every sunday night, 10 p.m pacific (westcoast time), 1 a.m eastcoast time. You can catch this at

Lastly, look for the new clothing company being started by Krayzie, Wish and K-Mont called "Thuggish USA". Im going to have a lot of info on that in the upcomming weeks. I can guarantee that you guys will be the first to have information on copping this gear. A website is in the works for the upcomming clothing line. Thuggish USA will be manufactured by the same people who make PHATFARM clothing, so as Lay would say "That aint no chump shit". You can expect a variety of T-Shirts , sweaters, denim suits....all that good shit.

Last but not least, the big homie Asu gone have his website ready soon, imma DEFINATELY do my best to help him out there. Ill let everyone know what the deal is with that cuz im sure when you hear this man's lyrical talent, ull be a fan fo sho. Iight thats it for now, ill give ya more when I get more.

Author: MoThugStyl

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Layzie Bone Says Solo LP All About Respect 
[ | 12.13.2000]

Bone Thugs-N-Harmony's Layzie Bone took a cue from the gangsta-favorite flick "Scarface" for his upcoming solo album.

"The theme of the whole album is respect," the MC said last week. "First you get respect, then you get the money, then you get the power. But it all starts with respect."

He said Thug By Nature: a.k.a. Layzie Bone, a.k.a. Ill Burner will hit stores March 6. The album features guest appearances by his fellow members of the Mo Thugs Family as well as Doggy's Angels and several underground rappers. The first single will be "Make My Day."

The Layzie Bone-produced Mo Thugs III: The Mothership ruled the Billboard Top Independent Albums chart for a few weeks over the summer.

The solo album is one of a series of Bone Thugs-N-Harmony spinoffs that includes 1997's Mo Thugs: Family Scriptures and 1998's Mo Thugs Chapter II: Family Reunion.