News for April 2001

Krayzie Bone Prepares To Release Three Singles

(4/5/01, 7 a.m. ET) -- To help prepare for the release of his sophomore album, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony member Krayzie Bone will release three singles to radio in coming weeks.

Krayzie Bone, who scored the platinum-certified Thug Mentality in 1999, will release the 12" "Y'all Don't Know Me" that will be backed by two b-side records, "If U A Thug" and "Rollin' On Some Mo'." "Rollin' On Some Mo'" features a sample from Lou Bega's "Mambo #5" and a guest appearance from Boss, the gangsta female rapper who won the praise of the hip-hop community with her 1992 debut Born Gangstaz release "Deeper."

Krayzie's album, Thug On Da Line, scheduled to be released July 10, includes six Krayzie Bone-produced songs, in addition to selections from the Neptunes, Irv Gotti, LT Hutton, and Damizza. Krayzie produced "Time After Time," "Everybody Wanna Be Thugs," "Hard Time Hustlin'," "Kneight Riduz Wuz Here," "Ready 4 Combat," and "Bloody Murder."


Layzie Bone Explains Lack Of Bone Collabs On His Album

(4/3/01, 5 p.m. ET) -- The debut solo release from Bone Thugs-N-Harmony member Layzie Bone only features one collaboration with a member of his multiplatinum hip-hop group. Layzie's brother Flesh-N-Bone appears on the song "Still The Greatest," which also features Big Chan of Doggy's Angels.

Layzie told LAUNCH why the other members of Bone do not appear on the album: "Basically because we was all working on our albums at the same time. So we was on a mission to hurry up and get all of our albums out before this summer. Bizzy was working on his. Krayzie was working on his. And Wish was in the process of doing some other things, you know what I mean, as far as business-wise for Bone Thugs-N-Harmony. So we was all working, and we had to focus on our albums. So I didn't get a chance to get with my dogs round about that time 'cause we was so busy. But you know it's all love. Bone Thugs-N-Harmony forever baby."

Layzie's Thug By Nature, released under the alias L-Burna, is currently Number 17 on Billboard's Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart.


L-Burna to do a Musical based on life

L-Burna is also developing a musical called "Ghetto Fairytales" with his record label, Mo Thugs Records, and rapper Snoop Dogg's Dogghouse imprint. Funk marvel George Clinton and Snoop's Doggy's Angels are in talks to be featured in the production.

"It's my life story incorporated into a stage show," L-Burna said. "It's a fascinating, very personal story. I don't want to give the plot away just yet."


Layzie Injured During Video Shoot

Grammy Award-winning rapper Layzie Bone of the group Bone Thugs-N-Harmony suffered an eye injury while shooting a video for his debut solo album north of Los Angeles.
Layzie Bone, whose real name is Steven Howse, suffered a quarter-inch scratch on the pupil of his right eye Friday during production of the video ``Listen'' at a historic defunct mental health hospital in Camarillo, his spokesman Jerry Doby said Sunday.

A makeup artist was spraying the rapper with a blend of liquids that create the illusion of sweat when the injury happened, Doby said. It was unclear whether an actor accidentally scratched Howse's eye or if the rapper had something in his eye that became irritated by the special effects materials.

Howse, 26, was pretending to try to escape from a glass enclosure at the hospital when he was injured, Doby said. Paramedics treated the rapper, and he was expected to be treated by an eye specialist Monday.

The rapper has had to cancel or postpone several promotional appearances for his album ``Thug by Nature'' because of the injury, Doby said. Howse was resting Sunday at his home in Chatsworth in the San Fernando Valley.


Bizzy Bone the actor

Be on the lookout for Bizzy's two direct-to-video releases coming out this year.  Movies are entitled "Jacked" and "The Color Of a Dream".