Krazyie Bone Teams with Tiffany on New Album

They used to call him Leatherface or Sawed-Off Gangsta. But in 1993 when then-unknown rapper Anthony Henderson hooked up with a Cleveland crew called Bone Thugs-N-Harmony he was christened Krayzie Bone. Together with his fellow Thugs, they forever changed the face and sound of hip hop. And while the Grammy Award-winning group has proven its staying power in the fad-obsessed rap world, the various members have branched out to release solo albums and venture onto individual projects.

Since dropping his first solo album in 1999, Thug Mentality, Krayzie, who now divides his time between L.A. and Miami, has been in overdrive both as an artist and a producer. Countless other artists—from Mariah Carey to Ice Cube—have teamed up with Krayzie to churn out hits. So when Krayzie found himself in the same recording studio as former teen pop diva Tiffany, he didn't miss a beat when the Eighties icon asked him to produce a song on her comeback album, The Color of Silence. “I was working at the same studio she was recording her new album at and she asked me to do something on her album,” recalls Krazyie matter-of-factly. But ever the dealmaker, Krazyie struck a pact with Tiffany. “She returned the favor and did something for my new album. We recorded a song called ‘I'm Not Sleeping' for her and ‘Talk To Myself' on my CD,” he explains.

So although Thugs fans may be a bit surprised when they pick up Krayzie's second solo CD, Thug On The Line, which hits stores this month, Krayzie's thuggish style and Tiffany pop roots was the perfect blend for the two songs, according to Krazyie. “I worked with Tiffany just like I do other artists; there was no difference,” he says. “If it's music, it's music.”

- Ann Brown
  August 24, 2001