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Interview with 'Pootytang'
Super-Hero An interview with 'Pootytang' in Dec 2004! The guy who can't keep away from the boards, as mentioned by some people!

Where did the name 'Pootytang' come from?...
I came up with my name pootytang when my old screen name was banned from the board for some unknown reason. I remembered from the movie that pootytang was a superhero that used a belt as his primary weapon. I too am a super hero and use a belt as my primary weapon. Without my belt, I have no powers.

What made you travel out of your way to Austin, Tx?
I travelled a few hundred miles to Austin, Tx to see the Beastie Boys play a unbelievable set. It just so happened that I was able to get on the roving camera and had the chance to ask for the VW medallion back, the one that I threw on stage at Voodoo Music Fest the weekend before.

Miramanee from the board told me " If you get a chance, why don't you ask for the VW medallion back". I thought about it for a while before I approached James B with my question.

I asked him if he would ask Mike D to hook me up with my VW emblem back and he said " Why don't you ask him yourself ", and threw the camera right up to my face. I didn't know what to say at first because he is at least 12 inches from my face with that cam. I started studdering and just couldn't spit out words but finally I got what I wanted to say out and that is exactly what you see in the roving camera's from Austin and Dallas.

I did go a couple of hundred miles from Austin to get my VW medallion back, plus the free tickets didn't hurt any either.

The Box office never had anything to do with my tickets. It was Mike D, from what I understand, that wanted to play a joke on me. They thought I was going to go off in a rage when I was told that "the Boys" had over extended their selves and couldn't get me into the concert. I was hurt to no end when they were telling me this, but I never let them see this. They, James B and Cey Adams, told me to stay put for 5 minutes, they were going to try to get me in somehow or another.

I noticed they had big grins on their faces when they left. I kinda figured they were pulling my leg.

How did you feel when you met Mike D?
How did I feel when Mike D reunited me w/ my VW Medallion? Hmm, I was talking to a living legend! How do you think I felt man? Just like I told him when he asked me how I was. I told him "I was flustered", and he said "flustered?".

I had sent Cey Adams backstage w/ a baby blue Beastie Boys hat I bought at the concert that night. I wanted him to get MMM and the Boys to sign it. I already had Money Mark and Alfredo's autograph's on it. He came back with Mike D.

Mike D presented me with the VW Medallion, we spoke for a few minutes and he was gone. I wanted to ask so many questions but couldn't talk straight. I never did get the Boys autographs on that hat. Damn the bad luck. Maybe next time.

Interview by Tim Mather 'Timmie' from the boards...
'Pootytang' also said; Laver1969, from the boards, is one of the coolest people I know...

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Pootytang with Mix Master Mike
"Yo Pootytang, I see you all up on those boards man. Leave that shit alone! Give the boards a rest! Damn!" - Adam Yauch
Pootytang with Alfredo
Pootytang with Money Mark
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