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Interview with Cey Adams by Tim Mather, aka timmie
Cey Adams Logo'Cey Adams' is a respected member of the Beastie Boys family and a respected New York graffti artist. He has also worked with, Mary J. Blige, Run DMC, Public Enemy, De La Soul, Jay-Z, Stevie Wonder, Kenny "Babyface" Edmonds, LL Cool J, DMX, Chris Rock, Coca Cola and Dave Chappelle. Just to name a few!.

Here is my interview with Cey, (January 2006)

What would be your most desirable peice of artwork of all time?

I can't really single out any one thing. I really love most of the artwork I've created during my 10 year run as the head of Drawing Board graphic design. During the 80's & 90's I've designed for Def Jam Recordings as well as so many other great hip hop labels, that was a great time in my life, so many talented designers came through those doors. We had a blast working together with Beastie Boys, RUN DMC, Public Enemy, LL Cool J, DMX, Slick Rick, Redman, Method Man, epmd, de la soul, ja rule, Foxy Brown, Queen Latifah & Jay Z.

So Cey! What influenced you into the Graffiti scene?

I'm from Jamaica, Queens, New York, as far as the graffiti goes...I began writing on buses & trains way back in the early 70's. I never really had anyone person as an influence. I ran with so many different kind of cats. I honestly believe they each inspired me in some small way. Running through train yards & fleeing from the cops, got old after a few years, so I decided to hang up my sray cans around '79 or '80 before it was too late.

Who inspired / es you with such great photography & artwork?

Chilln' in the east village during the 80's was a very crazy time. I signed with Soho art gallery around then & began selling my graffiti inspired paintings.
I spent many years painting & hanging out downtown in the lower east side with fellow artists Futura, Dondi, Guik, Zephyr, Keith Haring & Jean Michel Basquiat, that was a very special time to be in New York.

You do Ad-campaigns, movie promotions & corporate identities & even co-designed the Hip Hop wing of Rock & Roll museum in Seattle, what is your next mission?

Right now I'm curating a gallery group show with a gang of great artists, designing a line of sneakers & apparel. Creating graphics for cool t-shirts & working on a book project too.
This year I've worked with some great companies like Rockstar games, gravis footwear & Sony music. I have some sweet projects hittin' the market soon...lets just say, I think 2006 is going to be a fabulous year!

Cey or shall I call you Sir! You're unstoppable! Especially in the graffiti scene, what would be your comments on that?

I really think I've been very lucky, being in the right place at the right time.


Many thanks to Cey Adams for participating in the interview for this website,

You can visit  Cey's website with biography here

Cey Adams, getting serious with interview

Beastie Boys on Pageant tour! photo taken by Cey Adams, Exclusive Pic

Cey Adams & Tim Mather (Timmie)
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